2017 Media Content Package

  • You get a Full-Production Creative Cinema Team to co-create with.
  • A Service Focused and Professional Crew to manage all aspects of production.
  • A 100% Guarantee to meet all agreed deadlines.
  • Budget Management Transparency.
  • Cinema Quality in High Definition, Web Optimized videos.
  • We agree to produce up to 5 videos a month ranging from :15 sec. to :90 sec. in length.
  • A Production crew centrally located in the U.S. for convenient travel needs.
  • Proposal is a monthly retainer budget option.
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We are Navigators of the Pixel World. 

We are Dream Architects. 

We are Imagination Explorers. 

We are Opportunity Seekers.

Meet The Heisenbergs

Your Creative Coalition Eager To Begin Co-Creating.

The Heisenbergs are more than just a video production company. We are a full production creative cinema group. From idea to creation we will work together as co-creators, as partners, to give birth to your marketing concepts and ideas.  We do more than tell stories, we capture experiences and engage our audiences to observe moments in life that inspire and motivate them to pay attention to the message.